Almost game time

I find myself in almost my favorite place in the world, CenturyLink right before a Sounders game.  I love the time right before the game.  You can feel the hope in the air.  Hopefully thw night will finish with a win.  GO SOUNDERS!!


My favorite time of year!

I am a gamer but also a massive sports fan too.  We are coming up on the Football, Football and Football (soccer) season.  I love this time of year.  About 5 years ago my husband got me hooked on soccer (football to the rest of the world).  Living in the Pacific Northwest I am a fan of and season ticket holder for the Seattle Sounders.  Today was the first day of training camp for the Seattle Seahawks.  I have been a Seahawks fan as long as I can remember, through the good seasons and the bad.  Also a fan of the UW Huskies.  So right now we are almost half way through the Sounders season and the other teams will be playing games soon.  I can spend the whole weekend watching Seattle teams play.  And I can have football in one form or another since the Sounders season starts about the time the Seahawks and Huskies end.  There are going to be a number of posts about sports on this blog.  I will talk about how the teams are doing.  Since I go to Sounders games I will try and post some of my pictures from the games.

I love this time of year.

GO Sounders!!

Go Seahawks!!

Go Huskies!!